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Dick Loudon is the protagonist of the situation comedy Newhart.


Season 1

Dick Loudon is the main protagonist of the situation comedy Newhart, portrayed by actor & comedian Bob Newhart throughout the course of the show. In the episode In The Beggining, Dick purchases an inn with his wife Joanna. The inn has so many faults and a poor handyman who always seems to confuse himself with what he really means to say. Soon afterwards, a body is discovered in the basement in the episode  Mrs.Newtons Body Lies A- Mouldering In The Grave. Throughout the beginning of the first season, Dick goes through a number of changes. He goes from what many consider a "stuck up" attitude to an attitude which eventually better appreciates the Vermont Lifestyle. In, Hail To The Councilman, Dick is nominated to be a member of the town council, but when he discovers that the council only meets once a year, he realizes his poor thinking and leaves rather ashamed. Later, in Sprained Dreams, Dick accidently falls on Leslie, spraining her leg, while she was trying to teach him how to ski. This gives Dick a guilty conscience and he trys everything in his power to make her feel better. In Some Are Born Writers, Some Have Writers Thurst Upon Them, Dick tries to help a start-up writer, but fails. This season will see the eventual parting of Leslie and later lead to Kirk departing the main cast during the late second season. The end of the first season helped to significantly shape Newhart and its cast for the seasons to come.